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The Samarsky Yard, Samara, RU

The Samarsky Yard Phase 01
Objective 1: Identification and visualisation of the present and future values of the urban fabric of the historic city, in particular the phenomenon of the Samarsky Yard. During Phase 01 of the project, substantial information and knowledge about the historical environment and cultural heritage of Samara has been gathered. The contacts that have been established with different stakeholders and professionals revealed various angles of perception and provided essential data from previous and recent research projects. There is a mutual awareness of the value of the historic city, although current building activity is rather based on an instant profit philosophy than on a long-term vision.
Objective 2: Starting a dialogue on the future of the historic city and its significance for the socio-economic resilience of Samara. This dialogue aims to activate a broad spectrum of stakeholders: residents, activists, owners, entrepreneurs, local authorities, politicians and public administration. During phase 1, the project team successfully connected with the most relevant stakeholders and gathered their initial interest and support for a dialogue. All parties involved consented their cooperation and agreed on the exchange of information in order to support the idea of an ‘Atlas’, revealing the complexity of the urban condition, as a mutual basis for the dialogue.
The project has been made possible thanks to a subsidy of the Creative Industries Fund NL. It has been assigned for further elaboration and financial support (Phase 02).

video documentation

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