schiemann weyers


The Samarsky Yard, Samara, RU

The Samarsky Yard Phase 02/03
Investigation of the urban condition of the historical centre of Samara / Publication of the research results in form of a book at Tatlin Publishers.
The series of maps, graphs, photographs, stories, and interviews is a tool to support the dialogue in Samara, and a resource for urban planning and cultural heritage professionals, academics, and anyone else who is interested in the mechanisms of city-forming and renewal in a post-socialist setting. The Samarsky Yard provides a unique case study on the topic of communal courtyards and community living in the heart of a large city centre. As an urban module, it offers a flexible and sophisticated approach to density, social contracts and sustainability, and has the potential to inspire future developments in Samara and other cities around the world.
The project has been made possible thanks to a subsidy of the Creative Industries Fund NL.

digital publication
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