schiemann weyers


Guidelines for Urban Development, RU

Elaboration of guidelines for urban development in Russia: a parameter based urban planning tool. The parameters (public space / street coverage / plot area / FAR / etc.) have been postulated by Strelka and are referring to three different types of urban environment: suburban / semi-urban / urban. In order to illustrate the guidelines and the effect of the given parameters, an imaginary base situation within a virtual context has been defined. Within this base layout, the different scenario’s have been run according to successive stages of development. Respective data-sheets with parameters could be extracted; general remarks are:
- most parameters are sensible for scale (FAR/GSI);
- some parameters are political instruments (POP, area provision);
- some parameters are management tools to control costs (road network);
- the amount of social infrastructure is an outcome of an educational system;
- the amount of non-residential is not always guidable;
- non of the parameters describe or define ‘quality’ (spatial, functional, social, environmental).
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