schiemann weyers


Perm Urban Code, RU

Generally, a code is established when the city’s public interest requires formal protection. It is always an evolutionary process, depending on local conditions, habits and social interactions - ideally done with the participation of local citizens. Codes need to be altered when they fail to deliver the desired results, so they also posses only a relatively permanence.
Aim of this document is to establish a basic framework, related to the Block Character Map and other documents of the PSM. The form of this framework is based on the ‘Smart- Code’ template, provided by the ‘Center for Applied Transect Studies’ ( The SmartCode is a model transect-based planning and zoning document based on environmental analysis.
In this framework, the transect approach of the SmartCode is linked to the Block Character zoning scheme. By doing so, a set of form-based building rules is applied to the different block characters.
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