schiemann weyers


Perm Central Market, RU

The central market area forms an island within the urban fabric of Perm. The original market area is nowadays hardly recognizable and can only be detected by its monumental concrete arcs, marking the entrances.
Aim of this investigation is to provide strategies for a reorganisation of the market activities, without denying the urban development that has taken place so far - or demolishing characteristic or economical valuable buildings. Several strategies are at hand. Most obvious way of reorganisation is to apply the ‘basic block’ strategy, it guarantees the greatest connectivity and blends the market area into the overall urban fabric.
In a parallel but different approach, the market area is regarded as one of the main public spaces. Here, the strategy is to reinforce its public character and to stress its meaning on the level of the city. This can be achieved by a polarisation to the standard urban fabric and by interlinking the area to other main public spaces, like the adjacent Danilikha valley.
In a less formal approach, the focus is put on the ‘market atmosphere’. The main objective here is to support or facilitate informal and temporary market activities.
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