schiemann weyers


Perm High Rise, RU

Due to a lack of a clear high-rise policy, a general 6-storey building envelope has been established. But the pressure on the 6-storey limit is increasing. Tall buildings (9 to 16 storeys) have been the common building typology for the last two decades and investing parties have not yet been able to think differently. The argument has been used that tall buildings are contributing to a densification of the existing city-fabric. Naturally, densification is a positive issue, either from a sustainable or urbanist point of view. But as been proved, this can be achieved by various typological approaches, high-rise is only one of them. This leeds to the question:
Are high-rise buildings consistent with our understanding of good urban form?
The investigation deals with the fundamental conditions to implement tall buildings in the city centre of Perm and engages the high-rise perimeter, as defined in the PSM, in a critical discourse.
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