schiemann weyers


Perm Stakhanovskiy District, RU

The Stakhanovskiy District is taken as a case study site in order to investigate on possible transformations towards an improved living environment within the existing urban fabric of Perm inner city. Again, this investigation anticipates on a city-scale framework as postulated in the PSM.
Aim is to apply methods and strategies, elaborated in the previous investigations on lowrise developments and significant street profiles. They have to prove to be useful strategic tools within the design and transformation process.
Stakhanovskiy District is a quite inhomogeneous city-quarter, comprising diverse buildingtypologies and -configurations with varying building styles from various periods. In this way it is examplary for Perm city.
The public space within the district is abandoned; car-parking and -traffic is anarchistic. Recent low-rise developments are penetrating the public realm with guerilla-like strategies. Public buildings, like schools and kinder gardens, are alien objects within a moonlike landscape.
This case study is an example of a possible urban transformation, based on strategies, developed in the previous case studies on low-rise developments and street profi les, as well as on the principles of the PSM. Aim is to improve the city structure, the treatment of public space and the general living environment. This case study should be regarded as an investigation on the potential quality of this particular urban setting - it does not represent an urban plan.
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