schiemann weyers


Nesselande, Rotterdam, NL

The centre of the vinex-quarter (suburban neighbourhood, legalised by Dutch spatial planning) Nesselande is to be situated on the edge of an artificial lake, formerly used for sand excavation.
Within the concept for the Nesselande centre design diverse programmatic requirements, like urban- and rural living, parking, utilitarian-, recreative- and cultural facilities, are comprised as one coherent morphological entity. By doing so the centre of the vinex-quarter acquires, despite consisting of a high percentage of single-family housing, a significant appearance. At the same time this concept makes it possible to develop a diverse vocabulary within the matrix of strips which is able to anticipate changes in differentiation during the design process.
The uniting element is the so called ‘green carpet’; a permanent and present quality of natural green which creates a highly valuable living environment and also works as a ‘blanket’ for the facility and parking programme.
The design combines two living ideals: ground accessed housing in a garden / park like environment and upstairs living with a pleasant view and close proximity to facilities. These two housing patterns are complimentary and are able to strengthen each other in a natural and convincing manner.

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