schiemann weyers


Velserbroek, Velsen, NL

The project is located on the edge of a new development plan in Velserbroek. Being one out of twelve urban villas, bordering a natural park and an artificial lake, it aims to be a transparent transition between the neighbourhood and the landscape. In order to achieve a certain transparency the building is split into two volumes connected by a glass entrance hall. A wooden footbridge leads up to the entrance and gives access to the glass elevator shaft.
The plans of the apartments are flexible. Toilet, bathroom and kitchen are connected with the technical room in the centre of the apartment. Living- and bedrooms are organised around this core.
The outer appearance of the building is very modest and is dominated by the tactile quality of the cast in situ concrete. Being part of a row of twelve buildings, designed by twelve different architects, it is this modesty that distinguishes the building from its exuberant neighbours.

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