schiemann weyers


Rotterdamseweg, Delft, NL

Within an urban framework of re-activation and transition, the industrial area along the river Schie, situated to the south of the city of Delft, is assigned to become a more liveable environment It will comprise high quality public spaces, residential areas and mixed-use building programme. Playing a pioneering role within this development scenario, a private initiative forms the basis of this investigation on possible building activities on a designated plot, adjacent to the Rotterdamseweg. The major premise is to apply a modular building system, based on pre-fabricated elements of limited size (3.5m x 8m), stackable up to 10 storeys. The environmental aspect (traffic noise / industrial activities) is a serious issue on this plot. All of the living areas are connected to a winter garden façade, providing a comfortable indoor climate and an additional living quality.
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