schiemann weyers


Residential Complex, The Hague, NL

The original buildings of a former girl school, built in 1910, have been extended and modified various times in order to fit the needs of the latest tenant, the organisation Europol. Now that Europol is going to leave the complex, the Hague municipality asks for ideas to transform the office buildings into a housing estate for elderly people.
General concept of the design is to re-establish the spatial quality of the original constellation of buildings. The building-structure of the old school-wings is very well capable of being adapted to the requirements of housing. It even proves to be very flexible, concerning partitioning and differentiation in program.
Different housing sections are linked to specific green environments, anticipating on the park-like setting of the site. A temporary office extension, which - due to the brief - had to be demolished, has been upgraded and has become a valuable part of the ensemble.
The interventions introduced in this design are generally very modest, trying to reinforce the inherent qualities of the already existing.
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