schiemann weyers


"Шхюттерсторен", Амстердам, NL

The brief asked for a landmark within an urban layout of solitary building complexes in a campus-like setting. The building distinguishes itself form the adjacent buildings, which have nearly the same height, due to its autonomous, cylindrical shape. This shape makes it possible to organize the floor plans within a circular zoning diagram which proves to be programmatically highly flexible.
Around a central core of staircases and elevators lies a corridor zone surrounded by an installation zone with strategically placed openings; this allows access to one up to six apartments. A service zone, containing all the wet rooms, is placed around the ring of installation shafts. The final ring comprises the entire living programme, which can freely be partitioned into various rooms. As a consequence it is possible to determine the size and quantity of the rooms in each apartment as well as the total number and size of dwellings of the building, at a late stage of the design process and even after completion. The facade is built up of storey-high glass panels which are interrupted by a regular pattern of closed aluminium panels. This enables partitioning walls to be placed in multiple ways. The main construction is a steel column and beam structure with a concrete core.

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