schiemann weyers


Contemporary Art Centre, Vijfhuizen, NL

Kunstfort bij Vijfhuizen (Art Fortress at Vijfhuizen) is a centre for contemporary art housed in a former military fort near Amsterdam. As part of the Defence Line of Amsterdam the fort is both a Provincial Monument and listed as UNESCO World Heritage. Subject of the intervention is the 'Genieloods' and its direct surroundings. The Genieloods is a steel shed built in 1896, originally used to store cannons and other military equipment. The brief asked for a ’high profile yet affordable accommodation’ for temporary exhibitions without jeopardizing the monumental status. At the same time the Genieloods should become the new point of departure for visitors of the Kunstfort.
The design consists of the following ‘light’ interventions: a translucent, tent-like structure, made of polycarbonate sheets, is applied on the inside of the building in order to provide a stable climatic environment without erasing the existing industrial appearance; an exterior exhibition space, connecting the inside / outside of the building as well as the Kunstfort / Genieloods; a lighting concept, stressing the new meaning of the Genieloods and visualizing the link to the Kunstfort; and an incorporated ecological approach including means like heat pumps / earth warmth, compost toilets and prefabricated, re-usable construction parts.
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