schiemann weyers


Insula College, Dordrecht, NL

The Insula College, a college for secondary education, is part of an urban design by West 8 urban design & landscape architecture wherein different schools and educative facilities are integrated into a structure of closed building blocks around a central landscaped boulevard.
The design anticipates the ongoing changes of the educative system by introducing a flexible, open structure organised around patios and a system of significant routes.
The conventional rigid classroom figuration with fixed walls has been abandoned in favour of a ‘plan libre’ concept consisting of open floor areas supported by a column structure. This offers the freedom to create the desired programmatic layouts while various significant fixed elements within the building maintain their own distinct identity. The most striking of these ‘spatial attractors’ are four patios which strongly differ in size, materialisation and thematic content. Besides having these introvert qualities, the school contributes to the ambiance of the boulevard by displaying the most extrovert amenities such as auditoriums and ‘educational shops’ towards this main public space.

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