schiemann weyers


Bruggen Natuurparken, Rotterdam, NL

Within the scope of maintenance measures, concerning a wide range of footbridges situated in nature-parks of Rotterdam, the municipality has decided to replace several of the seriously damaged bridges. The brief asks for a design approach being nearly invisible - a bridge blending into its surrounding. Second issue of the brief is to 'redesign' a standard prefab bridge, a catalogue-bridge having proofed its abilities.
For this reason schiemann weyers collaborated with Haasnoot Bruggen, one of the most experienced Dutch companies in the field of prefab bridges.
The design for the family of plank-bridges comprises two variable components - the 'platform' and the 'railing". These components are persistent concerning their formal appearance but the bridges are able to adapt and react to their specific context. Each bridge is clearly recognizable as part of a sequence and is at the same time unique in its finishing.
The railing is assembled of bamboo composite bars, a rather new and sustainable material, combining the features of wood (natural appearance) with the characteristics of synthetic materials (low maintenance).
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