schiemann weyers


schiemann weyers architects is a Rotterdam based office, preferring to work in a rather compact setting. Due to this constellation, Otto Weyers and Jörn Schiemann are closely involved in all project processes as well as all strategic design decisions.
Since the establishing of the practice in 2007, after finishing a long lasting and successful collaboration with DKV architects, they have become engaged with a wide range of architectural and urban design aspects on very different scales.
Currently the office is involved in the implementation of a series of foot bridges in Rotterdam’s natural parks, various urban advisory tasks for the city of Perm, Russia and the elaboration of three housing blocks, also in the city of Perm . The practice has well-established links with associated project support offices in Germany, Italy and Russia, which provide the local knowledge and contribute to the cultural discourse.
Developing strategies wherein the design is able to anticipate on changes of programme, differentiation or use is consciously taken as the starting point of the office's work and is one of its major topics of research. The design-strategies are focusing on environmental, social and economic aspects of sustainability rather than sticking to pure technical solutions.
This approach goes together with a thorough analysis of the social, spatial, and historical context and results in very specific spatial concepts and implementation plans.